Iron and Wine, Musical Performer

Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine, the principal recording/performing vehicle for the prolific singer-songwriter Sam Beam, has released five full-length albums since 2002. He will be sharing his trademark vocals in a semi-acoustic set at the WITNESS benefit.

Iron and Wine’s fifth album, Ghost on Ghost was released in 2013 and met near universal praise; Uncut rated the album nine out of ten, calling it “sublime … a work of immense beauty and scale,” while The Guardian said “Iron and Wine have risen to become one of the great modern American bands as quietly and stealthily as any of their songs.”

In addition, Beam has collaborated with bands including Calexico and had songs featured on TV and film soundtracks as diverse as “Grey’s Anatomy” “Garden State” and “Twilight.”

Iron and Wine is honored to be a part of the evening and thankful for the work WITNESS continues to do throughout the world.

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