Rami Jarrah, Special Guest

Rami Jarrah - Activist

Rami Jarrah is a Syrian-British political activist from Damascus and winner of the CJFE 2012 International Press Freedom Award. He currently serves as a co-director of ANA New Media Association otherwise known as ANA, a media collective of citizen journalists who publish video and radio reports of life on the front lines, providing critical information both inside Syria and internationally.

Rami was arrested on March 25, 2011 while filming a protest in the Umayyad Mosque and was tortured for three days in a Syrian security branch and then released upon signing a document admitting he was sent from abroad to disrupt Syria. After his release, he began providing information and video to international media under the pseudonym “Alexander Page.” He was “outed” by Syrian intelligence in the fall of 2011 and fled to Egypt. Jarrah was later arrested in Doha Airport and almost sent back to Syria. He was spared largely due to a social media campaign begun on Twitter to stop his deportation.

WITNESS has supported Rami Jarrah and the Activist New Media association through our methodology and resources since 2012 and has invited Jarrah to participate in conversations around video advocacy, and justice and accountability in Syria. He continues to work closely with WITNESS as a crucial ally and collaborator.

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